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Shirley Jones will be attending The Hollywood Show in Chicago this coming weekend, March 22, 23 and 24! We will also be there with a table full of books, so we sure hope that some of you local Chicago fans will come out! George Chakiris, Oscar-winning actor in his own right, will also be there! (Of course die-hard fans will remember him from the final episode of The Partridge Family as Shirley’s old flame!) The list of celebrities is long and includes John Cusack, Richard Thomas (John-Boy!) and a reunion of cast members from The Office! http://hollywoodshow.com/celebrities-chicago.php

R.I.P. Hal Blaine, Legendary Drummer and "Wrecking Crew" Icon

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It is with great sadness that I post of the loss of the great Hal Blaine, legendary drummer and beautiful human being. Hal will always be remembered as one of the greatest drummers of his generation and the guy who coined the phrase "The Wrecking Crew." He played on countless albums and singles including all of the Partridge Family albums. Hal was one of my very first interviews for the book. He spent a lot of time sharing stories of the music and the good times he had with the cast. He connected me to many of the other Wrecking Crew musicians who worked on the Partridge Family and I will never forget that. Coming on the heels of losing the beloved Peter Tork of the Monkees, it serves as another reminder of the limited time we have together on this planet.


11" x 14" Signed Henry Diltz Back in Stock! David Cassidy, Hawaii, 1971

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This stunning 11” x 14” Henry Diltz photo of David Cassidy signed by Diltz was made available for the first time last October in conjunction with the Henry Diltz Archives. It sold out on the first day of release. Henry has so graciously offered another limited run of this very special photo, at a reduced price of $100.00. (Gallery Price, $600.00) and offered exclusively through WhenWereSingin.com.

Visit the merchandise page for more details.

The North Shore of Hawaii, 1971

The North Shore of Hawaii, 1971

Hollywood Show, February 1, 2 and 3, 2019

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Returning to The Hollywood Show on February 1, 2 and 3, 2019.

Harry Hamlin, who starred with Susan Dey on L.A. Law will be in attendance for the first time. William Shatner, Dawn Wells, Parker Stevenson are all among the roster of nearly 100 celebrities who will be greeting fans that weekend. Richard Dean Anderson will be making his first appearance as well. (Calling all MacGyver fans!)

Always a pleasure and a privilege to be part of this event. Hope to see some of you.

Chatting with Jennifer Runyon on "The Haunted Chronicles" Friday, November 30, 8PM on Paramaniaradio.com!

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Chatting with Jennifer Runyon, “The Haunted Chronicles” Friday, November 30 at 8PM EST! Tune in to Paramaniaradio.com!

Chatting with Jennifer Runyon, “The Haunted Chronicles” Friday, November 30 at 8PM EST! Tune in to Paramaniaradio.com!

I’ll be chatting with Jennifer Runyon about WHEN WE’RE SINGIN’ this Friday, November 30, 2018 on her show “The Haunted Chronicles” airing on Paramaniaradio.com.

So how do the “The Haunted Chronicles” and “The Partridge Family” go together?

When I met Jennifer last summer, she was shocked to find out I had never seen “Ghostbusters.” Let the jokes begin, right? So she challenged me to come on her show and take a quiz after I watch the movie. This Friday I’ll take my quiz!

How does “The Partridge Family” fit into this? Well….she picked up a copy of my book, having been a fan of the Partridge Family music, and she loved it. She has plugged the book on both her shows, “The In Crowd” and “The Haunted Chronicles” several times! Thanks a million times ten million, Jennifer!!

Maybe I’ll quiz her on The Partridge Family! What do you think? Things that make you go hmmm. ;)

In Memory of David Cassidy on the First Anniversary of his Passing, November 21, 2018

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I have always believed that David Cassidy is the most underrated vocalist of the 1970’s. I feel that he should be remembered with as much respect and in the same vein as Rod Stewart, Elton John, Billy Joel, and you name it—any other artist who has walked away with a certain kind of musical integrity that defined that decade.

One of David Cassidy's greatest albums -- "Home Is Where The Heart Is," 1976. RCA. In loving memory, on this first anniversary of his passing.

One of David Cassidy's greatest albums -- "Home Is Where The Heart Is," 1976. RCA. In loving memory, on this first anniversary of his passing.

While we all know David’s break came through The Partridge Family and the adoration of his very young fans, his talent still deserved the same amount of respect from critics, and he did not get that. He has an extraordinary fan base that has lived on for over 45 years.

David was certainly the greatest teen idol of all time, but for me he will always be the greatest voice of a generation. It was a voice that expressed complexity, intimacy, vulnerability and the unique ability to communicate through his music as though he were right in the room with you. He left an indelible impression that has lasted a lifetime for so many of us.

I miss him and I am so grateful for his influence on my own life, and all of our lives. Godspeed. Johnny Ray Miller

Teaming up with Henry Diltz for the Next Hollywood Show! Oct 19, 20, 21

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Proud to announce that When We’re Singin’, L.L.C. and Henry Diltz Photography will be working as a partnership to offer a limited number of SIGNED Henry Diltz photos of David Cassidy which will be available at our table during the Hollywood Show this October 19th, 20th and 21st!

Diltz and Cassidy grew close during The Partridge Family years, and as a result some of the greatest photos of Cassidy ever taken—certainly the most iconic—were shot by Henry Diltz.

There will be a dozen different shots to choose from all signed by Henry, including photos of Cassidy in concert, at home, on the set of the Partridge Family, and other locations! They are being offered in limited quantity, so be sure to get there early!

Look forward to seeing some of you!

Wow…that bus just keeps on a-rollin’, doesn’t it? :)

Peace in Saratoga Springs

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David's ashes were spread among the land of horses, horse breeding and horse racing in Saratoga Springs, NY this past weekend on September 1, 2018. It was a part of his life he felt very close to. Peace and love to him and to all his family. 

Ken Sharp's New LP includes PF/DC Tribute Music

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Ken Sharp, who you all know and love as a big Partridge Family/David Cassidy fan and good friend to WHEN WE'RE SINGIN' has released a new CD titled BEAUTY IN THE BACKSEAT. Ken's tribute to David, "I Wanna Be David Cassidy" is included on the LP along with a song titled "24 Hours A Day" inspired by the Partridge Family song of the same name, though not a cover tune. 

Ace Frehley (KISS) and John Hall (HALL & OATS) are both guest musicians on the LP as well. Hope you will all check it out. Thanks Ken, for more great music to make the world go 'round. :)



Partridge Family/David Cassidy Musical Tribute, tonight, WBWC "Island Time Radio"!

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This evening (Monday night 6/25) I will be in the studio at WBWC with DJ Dennis King on his weekly "Island Time Radio Show" in tribute to the music of David Cassidy and The Partridge Family. The show is live on WBWC.com or through the Tune in app (search WBWC) @ 10 PM eastern time Monday night.The show runs from 10 PM to 1 AM and there will be encores on four other stations. http://itrshow.com/ 

R.I.P. Paul Junger Witt, Partridge Family Producer

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Dear Friends, a few weeks ago we lost yet another family member from our world of all things Partridge.  It's sad yet bittersweet as we move forward in life having to accept the realities of aging and the passing of time. Paul Junger Witt was an accomplished producer. He brought us great shows such as The Golden Girls, Beauty and The Beast, and Soap to name just a few. The Partridge Family was part of his early years establishing himself as a reputable producer under the guidance of Executive Producer Bob Claver. They were great friends, and he credited The Partridge Family as one of his greatest moments and strongest influences on the latter part of his career.  

When we spoke he was quick to share that the Mondrian influence serving as the model for the bus design was his idea! He was a lover of artwork by Piet Mondrian. 

Paul Witt was a very professional guy, who chose his words with careful thought. He was especially proud of the Partridge Family episode titled "Soul Club" (guest-starring Richard Pryor and Louis Gossett Jr.) from the first season because they were able to tackle racial issues, bringing the very sensitive subject of color to the mainstream and doing so with taste. The episode became one of the all time greatest TV episodes according a TV guide poll conducted some years back. 

He appreciated the cast and felt close to them and had great respect for the musicians and songwriters that worked on the Partridge Family music. He was also very impressed with David Cassidy and Shirley Jones’ care for the music, wanting it to be credible and working very hard to give it their all in the studio.  As time moves forward, I will always hold that memory of our brief time together talking about The Partridge Family.

Book Signing--THE STEEL CITY CON, Monroeville, PA, April 13, 14, 15!

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Anyone able to come to the Monroeville PA STEEL CITY CON this weekend? LOVE to see you! I'll have a table there, signing books and there will be a host of celebrities including John Wesley Shipp (The Flash), Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie) and Alice Cooper (who was a good friend of David Cassidy!) Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Hope to see you! Here's the link: https://www.steelcitycon.com/

Happy Birthday David. We miss you.

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Today would have been David Cassidy's 68th birthday. With bittersweet feelings, I am grateful for his incredible body of work he left behind. In addition to 10 Partridge Family albums, David also released 14 solo albums, 3 live albums and several hits packages. An accomplishment few singer/songwriters can claim. 

I found myself thinking about him all day, and remembering the concert at The Barrow-Civic Theatre in Franklin PA, 2009--the very first time I ever worked with him. It was a night of nights, and I will be forever grateful for that experience. Thanks, David, for believing in me. 

Keeping your spirit alive, here are a few of the pictures from that night. We miss you, man.