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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame becomes a backer!

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Calling all David Cassidy and Partridge Family fans! We are very humbled and proud to announce that The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Library and Archives has now officially become a backer of our new book, "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music!"


In recent months there has been a campaign by fans to get David Cassidy recognized by the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and now the music industry's most identifiable museum  has said 'yes' to our book!  "When We're Singin'," focuses on the Partridge Family music and its legitimacy and credibility  to the pop music scene of the early '70s. If the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame says "yes,"  then show them that we want this book, too! Join the Kickstarter campaign along with The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and put this book on their shelves, as well as yours! But hurry! 18 days and counting....!