When We're Singin'

Frequently Asked Questions

There has only been one other book written on The Partridge Family. (Joey Green's "The Partridge Family Album, 1994). How is this book different? 

Green's book was primarily a fun-factoid book about the TV show that served heavily as an episode guide. "When We're Singin'" tells the behind-the-scenes story of The Partridge Family from beginning to end and puts a serious focus on the music, which has never been done before.

So much of the Partridge Family story has been told on TV documentaries. Does this book provide anything new about the show or the actors?

Absolutely! There are dozens of brand new stories from the cast members about specific episodes, and exciting details of shooting on locations along with their fond memories of working together as a TV family. In addition, all the producers including Bob Claver, Paul Junger Witt, Larry Rosen, Mel Swope, Dale McRaven and William Bickley offer up fresh, new reflections and never-before-told stories! Even creator Barnard Slade and Casting Director Renee Valente have offered up their memories! 

What is the nature of this book? Is it a "tell all?"

Absolutely not. If it's a 'tell-all' you want, you are in the wrong place. "When We're Singin' " was written with the greatest respect for both the TV show and the music. It pays tribute to all the incredibly talented singers, actors, musicians, songwriters, executives and crew members who worked on both the show and the music. It is written with great care, and serves as a positive reflection of a classic TV show, David Cassidy the superstar, and a body of music that touched millions of lives worldwide.

Did you interview the real-life background vocalists? 

Yes. All four of them. In addition there were several times a substitute vocalist had to step in for one of the regulars, and they have been interviewed for this book, too!

Does your book contain any new information about Partridge Family "lost" songs?

Yes! In fact, the book features a track by track commentary on all of the songs from every recording sessions including the unreleased songs and the various versions of each song, and even uncovers some lost verses of never-before-released songs from the show.

Who really played on the albums?

Legendary musicians now known as The Wrecking Crew, including drummer Hal Blaine, guitarists Dennis Budimir, Louie Sheldon, bassists Joe Osborn and Max Bennett, to name only a few.  Nearly all the surviving musicians who played on The Partridge Family records offered up stories, reflections and commentary especially for this book. Many of them have never been interviewed about The Partridge Family before.

Since Wes Farrell and Tony Romeo--both significant players in The Partridge Family music--are no longer with us, how did you represent them? 

As fortune has it, musician and author Ken Sharp did the last interviews with Romeo and Farrell when he was planning a book of his own back in the mid-90s. When Green's book came out, he dropped the  project. Sharp was thrilled to find out about the work being done on this book, and he so graciously consented to full use of both interviews in this book! Thanks Ken!

Can I buy the book in a store?

Since the project has come to life via its KICKSTARTER campaign, the book is now available through the website, as well as select book stores and retail shops in Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

When will it be available?

When We're Singin' became available in December of 2016.

Is David Cassidy supportive of this book?

Yes!  David endorsed the Kickstarter campaign through his Facebook page, and he has since written a foreword for the book!   The author is a life-long David Cassidy fan and has great respect for David. He has worked professionally with David in the past on a concert booking, and David was extremely pleased with his work. When We’re Singin’ is a positive reflection of The Partridge Family and their music, and pays tribute to David Cassidy and his amazing voice. It includes tributes from L. Russell Brown, John Bahler, Shirley Jones and many, many others, all of whom support the author’s view, which is that David Cassidy is the most-underrated vocal talent of his generation. His voice ranks up there with all of the greatest! 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any and all of your questions! I am more than happy to address them!
-Johnny Ray Miller