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Weekend Special Offer: "Home Is Where The Heart Is" photo outtake!

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Henry Diltz photo outtake from the sessions that produced David Cassidy's solo LP "Home Is Where The Heart Is." 

Henry Diltz photo outtake from the sessions that produced David Cassidy's solo LP "Home Is Where The Heart Is." 

This is another Henry Diltz offering exclusive to our campaign to publish "When We're Singin'!" This great shot of David is an outtake from his 1976 "Home Is Where The Heart Is" LP! "Home" was the second of three solo LP's released by RCA during the mid-70s, post-Partridge Family years. 

The photo pictured here is a stunning 8 X 10 shot of David taken by Henry Diltz! New backers can own this shot with a minimum $35 pledge, and current backers can get it for the discounted price of $30 by simply increasing their current pledge. Thanks, Henry!

This special weekend offer ends on Sunday, May 24, at midnight (EST). To pick it up, just hop on the bus HERE:  


24-Hour exclusive Photo offer from Henry Diltz!

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Available ONLY in the next 24 hours, get this gorgeous 8 X 10 photo of David Cassidy  taken by Henry Diltz for the "Cherish" album! 

Henry Diltz is a big supporter of our campaign to publish "When We're Singin'," so he has offered up this quintessential David Cassidy photo to support the cause! For ONLY the next 24 hours, this photo is available at the incredibly low cost of $35 WITH FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!  If the photo is all you want, just pledge $35 or more before Midnight tomorrow night as a cash-only pledge! If you would like to choose an existing pledge category of $30 or more, simply add another $35 and this photo is automatically included! Current backers are also offered the photo at a discounted rate of an additional $30 added to their current pledge!

Henry Diltz photos go for MUCH MORE than this when purchased from his studio! He is offering this opportunity ONLY to fans who support the campaign for the publication of  "When We're Singin'!"

Remember--the offer expires tomorrow night at the stroke of midnight, ending May 16, 2015! Click the KICKSTARTER link provided here on this website to take you directly to the page!