When We're Singin'

Ken Sharp

Newly-revealed interviews, Courtesy of Ken Sharp!

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In 1993, author, musician and music historian Ken Sharp began research on a Partridge Family book, but soon discovered that Joey Green was already signed to do one (primarily as an episode guide) so Ken dropped his project. But Ken had interviewed the legendary Wes Farrell (music producer on all Partridge Family album) and songwriting legend Tony Romeo ("I Think I Love You") in what turns out to be the last known in-depth interviews given by these two music legends on the subject of The Partridge Family. Shockingly, both Farrell and Romeo passed away within six months of each other, and only shortly after these interviews took place. 

(Bell Records president Larry Uttal on left; Wes Farrell on right.)

Well, guess what? Along the wild ride taken in researching this book, the president of the Just David Fan Club (Barbara Pazmino) introduced me to Ken Sharp. She knew he could help me.  Ken had worked with David Cassidy on his 2008 autobiography, David Cassidy: Could It Be Forever, and he was intrinsic in getting all the outside interviews used in that book.  

Ken wanted to do whatever he could to help make When We're Singin' become the definitive book on The Partridge Family and their music, so he has graciously and whole-heartedly offered up  both the Farrell and Romeo interviews, in their entirety, for use in When We’re Singin’! Both Tony Romeo and Wes Farrell share loads of commentary, heard in the pages of this book for the very first time! Romeo and Farrell elaborate on putting the albums together, and discuss all of their individual songwriting efforts! It is a sentimental and passionate exposition of their work on this amazing body of music.

Thanks, Ken, for your incredible support!