When We're Singin'

Paul Anka

Some Quotes from the book, "When We're Singin' "

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How would you describe the voice of David Cassidy?

“ …an indelible sound…one of the most under-rated artists of all-time…L. Russell Brown, songwriter.

Why is When We’re Singin’ an exciting and important book for fans?

“It’s important they know the origin. It happens with a team of people. The creative dynamic is what really counts…that’s what makes us what we are.” Paul Anka, singer/songwriter.

“Of all the bands we had, David Cassidy was one of the nicest. As a live vocalist, he held his own.” Beverly Weinstein, Executive VP of production , Bell Records.

The Partridge Family was sentimental. It changed the way people think about TV. Jeremy Gelbwaks, actor, “Chris Partridge”

“I’m not surprised by the impact…the personalities of the younger boomers were forming when they were watching that show as kids…” Paul Junger Witt, producer