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When We're Singin' Web Site Launched - Kickstarter Soon To Follow!

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Campaign to launch on KICKSTARTER.COM on MAY 1, 2015

Well, as you already know--by virtue of reading this blog message, the When We're Singin' site is live. Coming next will be our campaign on KICKSTARTER.COM to fund the publication of the book!

KICKSTARTER.COM has become revolutionary in today's world, funding independent films, starting new business ventures, and yes, getting books published! In fact, many within the publishing industry say that KICKSTARTER is changing the way the entire publishing industry operates.

If you would like to have this book as part of your Partridge Family collection, book collection, or music collection in general, we hope you will join us for the exciting 30 days on KICKSTARTER.COM in our attempt to get it published. But remember--we only have 30 days! KICKSTARTER'S model is "all-or-nothing." So the funding goal must be reached within 30 days, or the campaign is null and void and all the pledges are cancelled. 

In the coming weeks, watch for updates on our KICKSTARTER page as we get ready to  launch! Check out our live countdown clock on the  home page so you know exactly how many days there are left until the launch!

And there's more! 

We have a ton of cool, rewards and premiums that will be available!

On KICKSTARTER.COM  You will be able to view our list of premium rewards that will be available to donors at every level! We have tons of exciting items for you to peruse! It promises to be loads of fun for Partridge Family and David Cassidy fans worldwide! We will be previewing it in the days to come! And tell all your friends and family about it! Crowd-funding is the name of the game!

Fans of the Partridge Family, David Cassidy, and pop music from the 70s in general can rejoice in that an exciting new book is ready for the shelves, showcasing the music of The Partridge Family, as well as the hit ABC-TV show.

Let's get everyone we can on the bus!

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates and breaking news! And be sure you are signed up on the subscriber list--you will get updates automatically delivered to your email or phone!  Stay tuned!

-Johnny Ray Miller and the team!