When We're Singin'

Amazing Vocalist, David Cassidy

David CassidyJohn Miller1 Comment

When We're Singin' not only reveals the stories behind the songs, but it takes a good look at the voice of David Cassidy.

Cassidy's voice is one of the most underrated of his generation. A good listen to any of The Partridge Family records, or Cassidy's solo records for that matter, reveals a rich, versatile voice able to communicate to his audience. This is why The Partridge Family, as a legitimate body of adult contemporary music, holds up today.

In my book, When We're Singin', you will hear testimonies and commentaries on the voice of David Cassidy, from the cast, producers, musicians and singers who all worked with him on the albums and on the TV set. They applaud and recognize Cassidy as one of the great voices of his day.