When We're Singin'

Happy Birthday, David!

1970s, David CassidyJohn MillerComment

David Cassidy turns 65 today! On this day in 1971, David turned 21, and along with his new "legal" age came a renegotiated contract on The Partridge Family with the series only one year in, thanks to a loophole discovered by his then-manager Ruth Aarons. You can imagine the feeling at the producer's table behind the office doors when they realized that the world's newest and biggest teen idol now had the negotiating power shift to his favor!  

Producer Larry Rosen, who has never been interviewed about his days on The Partridge Family, tells the untold story in When We're Singin' with great detail and reflection upon the moment when he and the other producers learned of the new situation--one that could have easily put an end to the show before it ever really got started!