When We're Singin'

A Tribute to Dave Madden!

David Cassidy, Partridge Family TV Show, pop bandsJohn Miller1 Comment
from the personal collection of Dave Madden

In a special tribute to the late, great Dave Madden,  When We're Singin' offers the final in-depth interview from our favorite band manager regarding his days on The Partridge Family. In capturing the sometimes wild, sometimes witty and sometimes sentimental Dave Madden, we have showcased  the interview in this book as a special remembrance in a segment all of its own. 

Dave was an inspiration for many young comedians, with his sharp wit and dry sense of humor, but he was most remembered for his role on The Partridge Family as  Reuben Kincaid. There is even a band named after him! Check out the "Reuben Kinkaid!"