When We're Singin'

The Youngest of Memories

70s Music, Partridge Family TV Show, pop bandsJohn MillerComment

Little Ricky Segall joined The Partridge Family in the 4th season as the little boy next door. Ricky was only 4 years old when he got the part, and although his short stint on the show was brief, he walked away from this experience with a tremendous amount of opportunity going forward. His memories of being on the set of The Partridge Family and working with the other cast members are precious and heartfelt.

Ricky earned an album deal with Bell Records, thanks to Wes Farrell, who discovered the songwriting talent of Ricky’s father, Rick Segall, Sr. When We’re Singin’ offers up the memories of both father and son in a special segment discussing the album deal and the attempt to take The Partridge Family TV show into a 5th season without David Cassidy.