When We're Singin'

An UNBELIEVABLE offer to you, from Henry Diltz!

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Today I spoke with Henry Diltz.

He said in no uncertain terms he wants to see this campaign WIN! 

 In an extraordinary gesture, Henry  has offered three more photos for the final week of the campaign, to be offered in the coming days, beginning today!  But here's the most unbelievable part: 

Mr. Diltz has  graciously offered a select number of additional SIGNED 11 X 14's! 

I have to tell you my friends, after seeing these photos myself, they are far more gorgeous and extraordinary in print, and Henry's personal signature is INCREDIBLY striking in a way that I have never seen before.

Diltz is world-renowned as the foremost  photographer of the music industry during the late '60s, early '70s and beyond. He has photographed Paul McCartney, Cass Elliot, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, The Monkees and that's just the beginning! You will never see another offer like this.

This photograph of David Cassidy captures David in his most quintessential look of the decade. It is the face of an icon. It makes us smile. It's the essence of the young and hopeful David Cassidy whose voice has kept an entire generation following him.  

For new backers, pledge $35 and you will receive an 8 X 10 high resolution print, or in Henry's  EXTREMELY rare offer, you can choose a signed 11 X 14 for only $225!  If you are a current backer, you can add the 8 X 10 to your pledge for only $30, and the signed 11 X 14 for only $195!! But hurry--


Not only are these photos a gorgeous keepsake for fans, but they are an INCREDIBLE investment to collectors! The value on one of the signed 11 X 14's is TRIPLE the actual cost! Your value goes up the second you buy it! Please remember: a signed 11 X 14 Henry Diltz goes for $500-$600 out of his studio!  

This 48 hour offer expires May 28 at the stroke of midnight! (EST) Hop on the bus, everyone! Let's publish "When We're Singin'!"