When We're Singin'


John MillerComment

Hey gang! It's time!! The book shipment is arriving from the printing company today and they will ship out to you on Friday!

First of all, I can't tell you how excited I am. I hope to have plenty of photos to share of the delivery and final stages of packaging and shipping! But for now...

...Just a reminder to those of you who pre-purchased books and have since sent me notes through Facebook regarding address corrections or other requests, please send me your requests directly to Johnnyraymiller1@gmail.com or through the contact link here at the website to insure those requests.

This is especially important for those who pre-purchased more than six months ago and have since moved. Those who backed the K-campaign should have received an email today to confirm updated information....so please double and triple check your addresses today. 

If you pre-purchased the book within the last six months, and as long as your address has not changed, there's no need to confirm anything.

This is only the beginning of the next exciting phase, everyone! More to come as it unfolds...

Retro Clothing patch offered during the Kickstarter Campaign!

Retro Clothing patch offered during the Kickstarter Campaign!