When We're Singin'

Book Signing at THE HOLLYWOOD SHOW! And SHIRLEY JONES attending!!

John MillerComment

There's been a lot of exciting developments lately, and most recently I'm  happy to announce that I will be a participant in THE HOLLYWOOD SHOW this weekend. I'll have a table with books for sale, and several other items that were created to compliment the book during the Kickstarter campaign. The best part of all is that they are putting my table right next to Shirley Jones, who will also be attending. I am incredibly honored by this.

I hope that some of you, especially those in the L.A. and surrounding areas will consider stopping by and saying hello. There's so many of you from the West coast I've never met, and I would be so very happy to meet you. You have all been along on this magic bus ride from the very beginning. 

The Hollywood Show is this weekend, October 20-22nd at the Westin Hotel. Here's the link for complete details: