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New PODCAST INTERVIEW! Debuts TODAY on iTunes, "Reading With Robin"

John MillerComment

I did an interview yesterday with Robin Homonoff of "Reading With Robin," based in Rhode Island, where David Cassidy plans on making his second to last concert performance this Friday night at the Odeum. She's a David fan, and we had a great conversation. She has made it available today, on iTunes! (free!) Please check it out. You can also hear it directly from her website here: https://robinkall.com/2017/02/28/when-were-singin-the-partridge-family-and-their-music-by-johnny-ray-miller/

From her website:

Where are my Partridge Family fans?
Here is today's podcast with When We're Singin''s Johnny Ray Miller! You can subscribe to the Reading With Robin podcast on ...iTunes (and subscribe for free!) If you aren't on iTunes the interview is also up on my site - www.readingwithrobin.com John and I had a blast and you'll be right back on your old 1970's sofa when you give a listen. Enjoy and thank you to Howley Bread Group a Franchisee of Panera Bread for their support of RWR!
If you are a fan you MUST have this book - it can be ordered on When We're Singin'