When We're Singin'

Interview airing today on THE ERIC METAXAS SHOW! 3pm EST!

John MillerComment

We're on THE ERIC METAXAS SHOW!...Hey gang, big news for WHEN WE'RE SINGIN: I received this email from the producer of the Eric Metaxas Show in New York asking me to come on the show! Eric Metaxas is a New York Times Best Selling author who wrote several books including "MIRACES: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life". Turns out he's a HUGE Partridge Family fan! So this interview happened quick, and we taped a full hour segment only moments ago!

It... will air at 3PM TODAY EST (April 25), at metaxastalk.com! (podcasts also available later in the day) This is a big step for WHEN WE'RE SINGIN! Eric Metaxas has a huge following, having appeared on Good Morning America, and other well known news programs due to the success of his own books! It was truly an honor to speak with this man and learn that he appreciates the music of the Partridge Family on its own merits, without the marketing image. I hope you will listen in and more importantly, pass the link around!! He has already tweeted support for the book! Check it out on twitter! https://twitter.com/EricMetaxasShow.