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The Partridge Family Bus

David Cassidy, 70s Music, Partridge Family TV Show, TV VehiclesJohn MillerComment

There is no Hollywood TV vehicle out there that can rival the great Partridge Family bus! Hear the stories behind the creation of the bus for the very first time, as told by series Creator Bernard Slade, Producer Paul Junger Witt, and several former executives of Bell Records!

Shirley Jones tells stories of learning to drive the bus, and the countless number of replica busses she has seen along the way! Brian Forster, Danny Bonaduce and producer Mel Swope all offer up stories of working on the bus and the difficulties of shooting out on the road!

The details behind the Partridge Family bus are mostly untold to date, and When We’re Singin’  has the scoop!  As a featured story, you will hear new revelations on what happened to the bus after the series cancelled. It is a story filled with twists and turns and a very surprising road map told for the very first time! Rest assured, It's worth the weight in Partridge Diesel fuel!