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Celebrating the 45th Anniversary Today!

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We officially declare the next 7 days Partridge Family week!  Come join us for some retro-'70s fun as we celebrate the 45th anniversary of  The Partridge Family! On September 25, 1970 we met the Partridges on ABC Friday nights at 8:30 pm.   

David Cassidy burst out of the gate as an international superstar.  "I Think I Love You" was already climbing the charts when the show premiered,  moving faster and faster towards the No. 1 position!

Pull out your DVD's and CD's and relive some 1970s grooviness as we get ready to launch the release of "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music" in just a few short months! http://www.whenweresingin.com/pre-order-the-book-1/


4 Hours of Partridge Family music on WUSB.FM Radio, tonight!

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I hope you will all join us on WUSB.FM Radio, tonight between 6-10PM for non-stop Partridge Family music, trivia on the songs and the songwriters, and a special guest appearance by Brian Forster!

The Radio show, Captain Rockits Time Machine, hosted by DJ Roger Passero has been expanded from the usual 2-hours to 4 hours based on the overwhelming interest in The Partridge Family music! What a way to celebrate the 45th Anniversary!  http://wusb.fm/

"When We're Singin'" Available for Pre-Order NOW!

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Hey gang!  It's official! "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and their Music" is now available for pre-order ONLY through this site!

The cost of the book is $29.99 and you can pre-order it by going to the new link on the site, PRE-ORDER THE BOOK.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! We will have more news and updates on the book's progress in the coming weeks! Watch for regular blog postings as we go forward. If you haven't already done so, please sign up for the daily BLOG and you will receive the blogs directly to your  email!

The Partridge Family and their famous Mondrian-inspired bus!

The Partridge Family and their famous Mondrian-inspired bus!

More to come as it unfolds....

YOU are all so amazing. THANK YOU.

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Last night I sat on my computer planning the final offer I was going to put up for the campaign. Suddenly I found myself engaged in watching the numbers move, slowly but steadily,  almost moment by moment. It became very exciting. 

Other than the last month, I have not been one to engage is social media very much. But there I was, completely captivated. I was watching friends of mine who I haven't seen since High School  coming on to my backer list. Friends from my young childhood neighborhood, my community and neighboring communities, to my current neighborhood. I started thinking about the others who have come on through the month--friends from my film days, my theatre days, my airline days, even my young days from my very first job in fast food!  My college life-guarding days, days of summer stock, and post-college days when we made our gritty, low-budget independent films in Cleveland,  Boston and Dallas. To my surprise I watched some of those great songwriters and singers, musicians, producers and performers who I interviewed for this book--and expected nothing more from--coming on board to back us. And then there are all of those impassioned Partridge Family and David Cassidy fans who, like me, have wanted a book about this music for a very, very long time.  You were there.

All of you  are testament to what can be accomplished when people work together and pull together. In the big scheme of life, our little book is just a spec. But it's an important spec to us, and to all those Partridge Family and David Cassidy fans that just want to celebrate and bring credibility to a body of music that has deserved it for 45 years. This music is as important to music history, TV history, and our own quiet solitude at the end of the day, as anything else in life that brings a little contentment. 

You are part of making something happen that will live on in the libraries of music history long past our time together on this earth. You have made something possible that does the world a little good--you are making people happy.  

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to my mangled fingers that have been typing non-stop for thirty days, to my six ulcers that I'd like to think are temporary to the month of May. Now on to the next phase. 

Since we still have two days left (finishing at 10PM Sunday), I am going to put up the final photo offer from Henry Diltz and also make the previous photos available again-along with a few other surprises. Anything that comes in from this point forward will go towards increasing the production level of photos and photo pages planned for the book, as well as tossing some money toward the professionals who donated their time to this book, simply because of  the music. 

"There's nothing better than bein' together.." ..right? ..."WHEN WE'RE SINGIN'."  (yeah, I know, I know... I couldn't resist!)

-Johnny Ray Miller

48-Hour offer: "Dreams" photo outtake!

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This is the 2nd of the final three photos that will be offered during the final week of the campaign, courtesy of Henry Diltz.

David Cassidy in his pool, July 1973. From the sessions that produced "Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes."

David Cassidy in his pool, July 1973. From the sessions that produced "Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes."

This great shot of David was taken at his home while hanging out with Henry by the pool. The photo is from 1973, and it's one of the session outtakes for David's "Dreams Are Nuthin' More Than Wishes" LP--the 3rd Cassidy solo album, and the one that reflected David's real personality and musical interests at that time. 

For new backers, pledge $35 and you will receive an 8 X 10 high resolution print, or in Henry's  EXTREMELY rare offer, you can choose a signed 11 X 14 for only $225!  If you are a current backer, you can add the 8 X 10 to your pledge for only $30, and the signed 11 X 14 for only $195! THE SIGNED 11 X 14'S ARE LIMITED TO ONLY 3!

This 48-hour offer is good until midnight, May 29, 2015! We need to put the campaign OVER THE TOP! We are at 92% of our funding goal with three days to go!  Hop on the bus, everyone! Let's publish "When We're Singin'!" 

"I'm On My Way Back Home" original demo!

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Offered here as an exclusive Memorial Day special, is the original demo for "I'm on My Way Back Home," courtesy of the Jack Keller archives! The offer also comes with a signed Bobby Hart Lyric Commemorative! An incredibly rare and exclusive offer, and there are only 5 available! 

Jack Keller and Bobby Hart teamed up only one time for "The Partridge Family," and this was their offering. "I'm On My Way Back Home" is a fan-favorite and a favorite among insiders who worked on the song and the outstanding 3rd Partridge Family album, "Sound Magazine," on which this appeared!

"I'm On My Way Back Home" song lyric commemorative signed by songwriter Bobby Hart!

"I'm On My Way Back Home" song lyric commemorative signed by songwriter Bobby Hart!

In the the new book you will get a lengthy story behind "I'm On My Way Back Home," and here, only until midnight on May 31, you can be the recipient of the original demo submitted to Screen Gems by the late, great songwriter Jack Keller and Monkees pioneer Bobby Hart! It is a pledge package for you, from both the songwriters!

Keller was at the top of his game as a songwriter. He wrote music for many movies, and became synonymous in the '60s in writing music especially for television. 

This is a $250 offer with only 5 available!! This rare demo will NOT be found anywhere else. It is offered to us from the family of Jack Keller strictly to benefit this campaign. But hurry, because the offer expires Midnight, May 25, 2015.

New backers can open a general pledge at $250 and join in on the excitement, while current backers can simply increase their existing pledge category by $250. 

Remember...every pledge moves us that much closer to winning the campaign for publication of "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music!" Hop on the bus now! 

'HOP ON THE BUS' for a 10-Day Partridge Family Bus Ride!

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We have ten days left, gang, to reach our funding goal and publish the new book, "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music." And it is up to YOU to make it happen!

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to get on the bus, that time is NOW! Don't wait one more second! It is you, the fans, who will make this happen.

In the past 20 days we have welcomed backers from all walks of life.  We have life-long fans, casual fans, fan club presidents, doctors, lawyers, nurses, journalists, musicians, teachers, and even college professors! We have fans backing us from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Australia, the U.K., New Zealand and more! 

We have businesses who have backed us and reputable music industry professionals, too! Denny Tedesco, filmmaker of the Award-Winning "Wrecking Crew" documentary has said "YES!" Beverly Weinstein, former V.P. at Bell Records has said "YES!" The prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Library and Archives has said "YES!" That means they have pledged to this campaign! It is now your turn to speak. 

In the past few months, hundreds of David Cassidy fans (including myself) have signed a petition to get David recognized by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And now,  the HOF has said 'YES" to the publication of "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music." How are YOU going to respond? They have told me specifically that they want this book on their shelves in The HOF Museum, Library and Archives.  Now we must answer back! Let's give them the biggest, resounding, David Cassidy-ear-splitting "YES!"

As Partridge Family fans, we have all wanted a book like this for many, many years. Now it is finally possible. Click the link below and get on the bus! That door is open!  If all you want it is to pre-order the book, simply choose the $30 reward package. There is a host of rewards items, too, that you can pick from! We can even custom build a package for you if  you find certain things of interest packaged in multiple rewards categories. Just ask!  But don't wait one more second!  We must bring in enough pre-sales through this campaign to meet the funding goal for publication. 

Let's have that 45th anniversary Partridge Family celebration right on top of that dear old bus! All of us.... together......havin' a ball........"YES?" LET'S DO IT!!

Hop on  HERE.

Let the Countdown begin: "TEN!"



'The Wrecking Crew' Filmmaker Denny Tedesco is a Backer!

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The campaign to publish "When We're Singin'" has now earned the backing of Denny Tedesco, filmmaker of the award-winning documentary, "The Wrecking Crew."

The critically acclaimed "The Wrecking Crew," tells the story of the session musicians who worked around the clock playing on thousands of records during the '60s and '70s. These players were the best of the best, and they were intrinsic to the creation of a sound for such acts as The Mamas and The Papas, Sonny & Cher, the Carpenters, and yes--The Partridge Family!

In fact, Denny Tedesco's father, Tommy Tedesco, was one of the lead guitar players for The Partridge Family, and Denny provides commentary in "When We're Singin'" about his young memories of the Partridge Family music!

Denny's "The Wrecking Crew" was finally  given distribution after a successful  campaign on Kickstarter in 2013 that garnered Denny the final funding needed to pay off expensive music licensing fees.

Denny has been a friend to "When We're Singin'" since the beginning of the project's development. He was the guy who connected me to the session players--the great Hal Blaine, Max Bennett, Louie Sheldon, and Joe Osborn to name only a few. 

With Denny on board the Partridge Family bus, it's time for you to join us in making "When We're Singin'" a published reality! C'mon Partridge Family fans! Board the bus NOW! There's only 12 days left!

The bus door opens HERE: http://kck.st/1DSL7zP

-Johnny Ray Miller


'A Very Partridge Kickstarter,' exclusive interview at The Huffinton Post!

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When We're Singin' grabbed more national attention today, this time from The Huffington Post! We did an exclusive interview with contributor Mike Ragogna who strongly supports the Kickstarter Campaign to get the book published. The link to the article is here.

This Sticker Pack is just one of the many rewards that can be found at our campaign over at Kickstarter.com.

This Sticker Pack is just one of the many rewards that can be found at our campaign over at Kickstarter.com.

Don't wait one more second, Partridge Family fans! We need you at Kickstarter.com now! Help put this book on the shelves--a book that showcases The Partridge Family and their music. Help get this book published so the story of this music can be available to fans and to the new generations to come!