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Chatting with Jennifer Runyon on "The Haunted Chronicles" Friday, November 30, 8PM on Paramaniaradio.com!

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Chatting with Jennifer Runyon, “The Haunted Chronicles” Friday, November 30 at 8PM EST! Tune in to Paramaniaradio.com!

Chatting with Jennifer Runyon, “The Haunted Chronicles” Friday, November 30 at 8PM EST! Tune in to Paramaniaradio.com!

I’ll be chatting with Jennifer Runyon about WHEN WE’RE SINGIN’ this Friday, November 30, 2018 on her show “The Haunted Chronicles” airing on Paramaniaradio.com.

So how do the “The Haunted Chronicles” and “The Partridge Family” go together?

When I met Jennifer last summer, she was shocked to find out I had never seen “Ghostbusters.” Let the jokes begin, right? So she challenged me to come on her show and take a quiz after I watch the movie. This Friday I’ll take my quiz!

How does “The Partridge Family” fit into this? Well….she picked up a copy of my book, having been a fan of the Partridge Family music, and she loved it. She has plugged the book on both her shows, “The In Crowd” and “The Haunted Chronicles” several times! Thanks a million times ten million, Jennifer!!

Maybe I’ll quiz her on The Partridge Family! What do you think? Things that make you go hmmm. ;)

Partridge Family/David Cassidy Musical Tribute, tonight, WBWC "Island Time Radio"!

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This evening (Monday night 6/25) I will be in the studio at WBWC with DJ Dennis King on his weekly "Island Time Radio Show" in tribute to the music of David Cassidy and The Partridge Family. The show is live on WBWC.com or through the Tune in app (search WBWC) @ 10 PM eastern time Monday night.The show runs from 10 PM to 1 AM and there will be encores on four other stations. http://itrshow.com/ 

Interview with Stan Turner, KLBB, Extended Due to Listener Interest! Link Attached!

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 The interview with Stan Turner at KLBB went so well yesterday they extended it to a full hour because listeners were calling in with so many questions!  It was clear that Stan loved The Partridge Family and had great respect for the groundbreaking impact the show and the music had on 70s pop culture. Here's the link! Let me know what you think! :) Check out the site, too at KLBBRadio.com!



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Ready for the bus tour?

Here is a list of locations and dates for upcoming Author events and book signings! The bus ticket is free! Come along for the ride!!

APRIL 22, Half Price Books, 1607 Golden Gate Plaza, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124, In-store book signing, 1PM - 3PM

APRIL 29, Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Co., Lake Cable, 5854 Fulton Rd. NW, Canton, OH, 44718, In-store book signing 10AM – 2PM

APRIL 29, Barnes & Noble, 4015 Medina Road, Akron, OH 44333, In-store book signing 3PM - 5PM

MAY 6, Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Co., Portage Lakes, 3452 Manchester Rd, Akron, OH 44319, In-store book signing 10AM to 2PM.

MAY 13, Half Price Books, 4000 Oxford Drive, Bethel Park, PA 15102, In-store book signing, 2pm – 4pm 

MAY 20, Muggswigz Coffee and Tea Co., 137 Walnut Ave. NW, Canton, OH, 44702, In-store book signing 10am – 2pm 

JUNE 2, Carpe Diem Coffee Shop, 215 Market Ave N, Canton, OH 44702. In-store book signing 6pm – 9pm 

JUNE 10, Barnes & Noble, 7900 Mentor Ave., Mentor, OH 44060, In-store book signing 2pm – 5pm

SEPTEMBER 9, Geauga County Library -Middlefield Branch, 15982 East High Street, Middlefield, OH 44062, Video presentation, talk and book signing 2PM

SEPTEMBER 14, 15, 16, Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention, PO Box 52, Whiteford, MD 21160, Video Presentation, talk and book signing

OCTOBER 7, Passages & Prose Literary event (Book Festival), 20th Century Club, Oakland, PA Presentation and book signing Time: TBA

OCTOBER 11, Geauga County Library – Chardon Branch, 110 East Park Street, Chardon, OH 44024, Slide show, talk and book signing 7PM

NOVEMBER 12, Geauga County Library – Bainbridge Branch, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023, Slide show, talk and book signing, 2PM

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Library & Archives, 2809 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115, Author event, presentation and book signing *Date and Time TBA





FIRST BOOK SINGING with HALF PRICE BOOKS, Saturday, April 22, Mayfield Heights OH!

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I hope to see some of you from the Cleveland/Akron/Canton area this coming Saturday, April 22! It will be my first book signing with HALF PRICE BOOKS, one of my favorite book stores! They have all kinds of things at this store, from books to CD's, to DVDs and vinyl! I'll be signing books from 1-3PM. Half Price Books, 1607 Golden Gate Plaza, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124.

Feature Story in Canton Repository! Book Signings to follow!

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The Canton Repository featured an article and photo spread promoting "When We're Singin'" yesterday in the April 13th issue, placing the Partridge Family on the cover of the entertainment section, the Ticket! Great to see the Partridge Family on covers again, isn't it?! Book signings with the author will follow, beginning tomorrow, Saturday April 15th at Karma Café, 4339 Dressler Road, NW,Canton, OH 44718 from 10AM - 2PM. Another book signing will follow again Tuesday, April 18 at the Karma Café-- same Partridge-Time Same Partridge-Location! Books are also available for purchase NOW at Karma Café! See you there!

See the electronic version, with different photos!


Danny Tweets Again! "Come On Get Happy"

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Hey Gang! Danny's on a roll! His Latest tweet: "Brought my lunch to work in this today. What the hell? Come on Get Happy!" 

Celebrating a TV and Music legacy...Spread the word..WhenWereSingin.com! Follow Danny on Twitter @theDoochMan. Follow David Cassidy on Twitter @DavidbCassidy! 

Everyone on the bus! :)

DANNY BONADUCE Tweets support today for WHEN WE'RE SINGIN'!!

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Hey gang!

DANNY BONADUCE tweeted this pic, along with a great comment about the book!

Read his tweet: "Just received my copy of a great new book about The Partridge Family. It's 467 pages. I had no idea we were this important."


Lisa Forster Battles Aggressive Cancer

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Lisa Forster, Brian's wife, has been struck with an aggressive cancer. A good friend of theirs has begun a "Gofundme" campaign to help with expenses.  Brian was (and is) a HUGE supporter of "When We're Singin' " and it saddens me deeply to hear of this. Please do whatever you can to help. The family is staying strong and optimistic. Please pass this information and link on to all the PF fans and message boards to help get the word out and rally support. Thanks all.

Together We're Better...



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Hey All! HAPPY NEW YEAR! And we're off and running...The next book signing for "When We're Singin' " will be held this weekend, Saturday, January 7, from 10AM to 2PM at Branch Street Coffee in Boardman! Hope to see some of you from the Youngstown and Columbiana County area! :) Exact Address: BRANCH STREET COFFEE ROASTERS, 1393 Boardman-Canfield Road, Boardman, OH, 44512.

5, 4, 3, 2....We're Off To Print! Release Date set!

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We're off to print!

After a long week of Kristina, Donna and I working nearly round the clock, the book went to print earlier today!

I'd like to thank all of you for your extraordinary patience. I, too, never dreamed how much time it would take for this project to complete, but I can tell you this: It is because of YOU, the fans, that this book has finally made it's way to reality. Because of YOU, the book was controlled by a group of professionals who care enough to release the best possible book on The Partridge Family and their music, filled with the kinds of detailed information fans have wanted for years and years.

Check out the final artwork for the book cover!

Check out the final artwork for the book cover!

The 64 page color photo section is also another extraordinary accomplishment. Rarely does a book like this see a full color section in the middle, let alone 64 pages!  But YOU wanted it, and YOU funded it and that is testament to the passion we all share for the music of The Partridge Family.

I am thankful that avenues such as Kickstarter exist today, making it possible for all of us to speak, and to act on what we want. There is no publisher on the planet who would have released a book as thorough and elaborate as this, and it all happened because of you. 

In the coming days and weeks, I will be here, telling you more about the book and its contents. I thank you again, wholeheartedly, for your support, your patience, and most of all, your undying love for all things Partridge! 


On December 9, 2016, "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family & Their Music" will be officially released! The book (originally planned for 410 pages) is a whopping 504 pages with the 64-page color photo section taking it to a grand total of 568 pages! 

"When We're Singin'" is a LIMITED EDITION hard back, available exclusively through the website, WhenWereSingin.com. "You can pre-order When We're Singin'" in time for Christmas by going to the link on the website now! 

Be sure to sign up for the "daily blog" to receive updates that will come directly to your email inbox!  I will be back to share more information and exciting details during the days and weeks to come! 

Hop on the bus, everyone! It's time to move on to the next stop!


Proof for Text Body is in!

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Hi gang!

Wanted to let you all know that Kristina has finished the first proof for layout of the book body. I received the proof and I have already gone through it and passed it on to Donna. (copy editor). Once Donna is finished, it will then return back to Kristina. She will make all edits/corrections and then provide us with a second proof to look over. If all goes well, at that point, it goes to print. For fun, check out the picture of Kristina working on the book at her office! 

I will be back with all of you as I share the step by step process of these final stages! By the way, happy anniversary, all of you! (Did you know yesterday was the debut of The Partridge Family, 46 years ago?) Yep...we're THAT old!


Book Cover in Layout! Countdown at Nine!...

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Hi gang,

Just a quick update for you.

The text and final artwork for the book cover is currently in the layout stages. Kristina Danklef of Sourballpython Studios (Sourballpython.com) will be taking the book through the final stages of layout, including the final design for the book cover.

Kristina is from Salem, Ohio, and has a long background in graphic art. She recently completed work on several books, including "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons," and she has taken on our Partridge Family book with tremendous excitement.

David Cassidy in Melbourne, March 10, 1974. (this is not the book cover...just a photo for your enjoyment!)

David Cassidy in Melbourne, March 10, 1974. (this is not the book cover...just a photo for your enjoyment!)

First thing on deck is the book cover, and she will be sending me proofs to look at in the coming days. I am as excited as you are, and as soon as I get the first proof, I'll be back with all of you to fill you in! 

For now...we countdown to NINE! 



Celebrating the 45th Anniversary Today!

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We officially declare the next 7 days Partridge Family week!  Come join us for some retro-'70s fun as we celebrate the 45th anniversary of  The Partridge Family! On September 25, 1970 we met the Partridges on ABC Friday nights at 8:30 pm.   

David Cassidy burst out of the gate as an international superstar.  "I Think I Love You" was already climbing the charts when the show premiered,  moving faster and faster towards the No. 1 position!

Pull out your DVD's and CD's and relive some 1970s grooviness as we get ready to launch the release of "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music" in just a few short months! http://www.whenweresingin.com/pre-order-the-book-1/


"When We're Singin'" Available for Pre-Order NOW!

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Hey gang!  It's official! "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and their Music" is now available for pre-order ONLY through this site!

The cost of the book is $29.99 and you can pre-order it by going to the new link on the site, PRE-ORDER THE BOOK.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! We will have more news and updates on the book's progress in the coming weeks! Watch for regular blog postings as we go forward. If you haven't already done so, please sign up for the daily BLOG and you will receive the blogs directly to your  email!

The Partridge Family and their famous Mondrian-inspired bus!

The Partridge Family and their famous Mondrian-inspired bus!

More to come as it unfolds....

Thank You All So Very Much! Now the bus pulls out...

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As we get ready for the next part of our ride, I would like to express my deepest gratitude once again, to you, my backers, who collectively decided this book must come to the shelves. Thank you so very much.

Plans for the Kickstarter campaign began over a year ago, and I’d also like to thank some of the behind-the-scenes people who worked with full energy and commitment to make this campaign succeed. 

Let’s start with my good friend and incredible talent, writer/musician Ken Sharp. The Kickstarter campaign was Ken’s idea and he kept me grounded and focused. Thank you, Ken, a thousand times over.

Ken was introduced to me by Barbara Pazmino, President of the U.S. division of the “Just David” Fan Club who knew of the "Partridge Connection" we shared. Thanks Barbara, for recognizing the potential, for connecting us, and for spreading the word about this campaign every day. 

From the very early stages of planning, Kirk Poffenberger  sat with me in his office at The Design Studio and said “let’s do it.”  Kirk is the guy who designed the book jacket and all the variations of its “look” used on many of the items—the denim patch, the sticker pack, the book marks, the lyric sheets, the website and most notably the guitar—our grand prize. Thank you, Kirk!

Speaking of which, I’d like to announce Debbie Daum as the grand prize taker! Debbie grabbed the guitar towards the final days of the campaign and pushed our numbers wildly up! We will be featuring a photo of Debbie with the guitar in the coming months. The guitar, a Squier by Fender, is signed by 3 of the greatest session guitar players of all time. Thanks, Debbie, for hopping on the bus and landing with a splash!  Which brings me to….

…the very special thanks I have to all the artists, producers, actors and executives associated with The Partridge Family TV show and albums who so graciously signed countless pieces of memorabilia for this campaign. Each and every one of them truly wanted to see this campaign succeed. Beverly Weinstein, Bob Claver, Mike Appel, L. Russell Brown, Ken Jacobson, David Price, Bobby Hart, Diane Hildebrand, Jeremy Gelbwaks, Brian Forster, Terry Cashman, Steve Dossick, Marty Kaniger, Dan Peyton, Glen Hanson, Joe Osborn, Hal Blaine, Max Bennett, Dennis Budimir, John Bahler, Tom Bahler, Jackie Ward, Ron Hicklin, and the great Henry Diltz--Thank you all so very, very much. Your generosity was over-flowing. 

Tim DeBacco--Pittsburgh boy,  and Partridge Family Fan! Tim is responsible for the website you see, and the ease by which it can be navigated. He spent countless hours working on this, and continues to keep it maintained. He also designed the newsletter. Thank you, Tim, from the depths of the Partridge Family garage!

Mary Hertweck, Stacy Jo Coffee-Thorne and Mary Lou Nelson-- who relentlessly kept the campaign alive on all the David Cassidy and Partridge Family fan sites with their time and enthusiasm. Thank you all so very much.

Tina Funk-- my dear friend in Germany who runs the other half of the “Just David” Fan Club for the German and European fans, also continued to pass around the information I sent each day, along with Barbara. Thank you, Tina, for all the heart.

Jane Reaburn-- All the way from Australia, Jane manages David Cassidy’s Official website and Facebook page. Jane had those offers and posts up on David’s Facebook page faster than lighting! Thanks Jane, so very, very much! 

Jim Salamanis--also from Australia, Jim exudes so much energy across the entire planet that no one can possibly miss it! Jim sent countless emails out to fans all over the world for weeks on end. Thank you Jim for all your amazing support!

And Dave Thomas—my film-making, writer-director-of-all-things “whimming” who disguises himself as an entertainment attorney by day. What would I ever do without you, dude?

Last but not least, Donna Spencer—our copy editor who hopped on the bus in faith it would all happen. Ready Donna? The bus stops at your place next! 

As we move forward, please, everyone, make sure that you sign up for BOTH the newsletter AND the daily blogs. The newsletter will only be put out once a month at most, but the blog will hit your email with more immediate news as it happens. Both will be delivered right to your email.

I'll be back with you as news unfolds. For now, we proceed with copy editing. The bus is moving forward...

Thanks everyone!

Johnny Ray Miller