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"Stephanie" & "All of The Things" Special Story, Special Bundles!

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Songwriter David Price was involved in writing both "Stephanie" and "All of The Things" recorded by The Partridge Family. The stories behind these two particular Partridge Family songs are priceless, but the very special, poignant story behind David Price and what he did for our campaign is even more heart-warming.

While I was preparing for the campaign to publish "When We're Singin," I asked several of the songwriters  to contribute signed items to our rewards packages. I thought it would be exciting to include a few items that highlighted some of the un-released songs, since many of them are fan favorites, so I approached David Price. I asked him if he would consider hand-writing the lyrics for each of his two songs to be offered as exclusive, one-of-a-kind rewards items. 

He told me that he was suffering from Parkinson's disease, and that his hands shake a lot. Before he could say another word, I expressed my heartfelt apologies for having asked him to do this, as I obviously didn't know of his condition.

He immediately jumped back in to the conversation to complete his original thought. He told me that he really wanted to do this. He wanted to hand-write those lyrics. He asked me if I was in a hurry because it would take him some time. He was insistent. Not only did he want to hand-write the lyrics, but he wanted to sign the lyric commemoratives, too. He was so flattered to learn that after all these years, fans still really love this music.

So a few months went by, and the hand-written lyrics came in the mail. I couldn't have been more touched. I initially put the lyrics up at $250.00 each but listed the commemoratives separately. I am combining them into two very special packages. The "Stephanie" bundle now includes the one and only hand-written lyric by David Price AND a "Stephanie" lyric commemorative, also signed by Price. You will also get a signed copy of the book, with a souvenir bookmark to go with it and your name published on the website and in the book as a backer of the campaign. "All of The Things" is also repackaged the same way.   There is only ONE of each, and are true collector's items. Each Bundle is $250 ($220 without the book.) 

Thanks David, for your great heart in supporting "When We're Singin'!" We are forever grateful. http://kck.st/1DSL7zP