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Thank You All So Very Much! Now the bus pulls out...

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As we get ready for the next part of our ride, I would like to express my deepest gratitude once again, to you, my backers, who collectively decided this book must come to the shelves. Thank you so very much.

Plans for the Kickstarter campaign began over a year ago, and I’d also like to thank some of the behind-the-scenes people who worked with full energy and commitment to make this campaign succeed. 

Let’s start with my good friend and incredible talent, writer/musician Ken Sharp. The Kickstarter campaign was Ken’s idea and he kept me grounded and focused. Thank you, Ken, a thousand times over.

Ken was introduced to me by Barbara Pazmino, President of the U.S. division of the “Just David” Fan Club who knew of the "Partridge Connection" we shared. Thanks Barbara, for recognizing the potential, for connecting us, and for spreading the word about this campaign every day. 

From the very early stages of planning, Kirk Poffenberger  sat with me in his office at The Design Studio and said “let’s do it.”  Kirk is the guy who designed the book jacket and all the variations of its “look” used on many of the items—the denim patch, the sticker pack, the book marks, the lyric sheets, the website and most notably the guitar—our grand prize. Thank you, Kirk!

Speaking of which, I’d like to announce Debbie Daum as the grand prize taker! Debbie grabbed the guitar towards the final days of the campaign and pushed our numbers wildly up! We will be featuring a photo of Debbie with the guitar in the coming months. The guitar, a Squier by Fender, is signed by 3 of the greatest session guitar players of all time. Thanks, Debbie, for hopping on the bus and landing with a splash!  Which brings me to….

…the very special thanks I have to all the artists, producers, actors and executives associated with The Partridge Family TV show and albums who so graciously signed countless pieces of memorabilia for this campaign. Each and every one of them truly wanted to see this campaign succeed. Beverly Weinstein, Bob Claver, Mike Appel, L. Russell Brown, Ken Jacobson, David Price, Bobby Hart, Diane Hildebrand, Jeremy Gelbwaks, Brian Forster, Terry Cashman, Steve Dossick, Marty Kaniger, Dan Peyton, Glen Hanson, Joe Osborn, Hal Blaine, Max Bennett, Dennis Budimir, John Bahler, Tom Bahler, Jackie Ward, Ron Hicklin, and the great Henry Diltz--Thank you all so very, very much. Your generosity was over-flowing. 

Tim DeBacco--Pittsburgh boy,  and Partridge Family Fan! Tim is responsible for the website you see, and the ease by which it can be navigated. He spent countless hours working on this, and continues to keep it maintained. He also designed the newsletter. Thank you, Tim, from the depths of the Partridge Family garage!

Mary Hertweck, Stacy Jo Coffee-Thorne and Mary Lou Nelson-- who relentlessly kept the campaign alive on all the David Cassidy and Partridge Family fan sites with their time and enthusiasm. Thank you all so very much.

Tina Funk-- my dear friend in Germany who runs the other half of the “Just David” Fan Club for the German and European fans, also continued to pass around the information I sent each day, along with Barbara. Thank you, Tina, for all the heart.

Jane Reaburn-- All the way from Australia, Jane manages David Cassidy’s Official website and Facebook page. Jane had those offers and posts up on David’s Facebook page faster than lighting! Thanks Jane, so very, very much! 

Jim Salamanis--also from Australia, Jim exudes so much energy across the entire planet that no one can possibly miss it! Jim sent countless emails out to fans all over the world for weeks on end. Thank you Jim for all your amazing support!

And Dave Thomas—my film-making, writer-director-of-all-things “whimming” who disguises himself as an entertainment attorney by day. What would I ever do without you, dude?

Last but not least, Donna Spencer—our copy editor who hopped on the bus in faith it would all happen. Ready Donna? The bus stops at your place next! 

As we move forward, please, everyone, make sure that you sign up for BOTH the newsletter AND the daily blogs. The newsletter will only be put out once a month at most, but the blog will hit your email with more immediate news as it happens. Both will be delivered right to your email.

I'll be back with you as news unfolds. For now, we proceed with copy editing. The bus is moving forward...

Thanks everyone!

Johnny Ray Miller