When We're Singin'

Our First Promo Event: WUSB 90.1 FM, NEW YORK

John MillerComment

Hey gang!

Our first bus stop: WUSB 90.1FM, New York!

On December 17th at 6PM DJ Roger Passero is hosting "An Old Fashioned Christmas" featuring the Christmas music of The Partridge Family and the Carpenters. Both Randy Schmidt (author of "The LIfe of Karen Carpenter") and myself are the scheduled guests. The first part of the program will focus on The Partridge Family while the second half focuses on the Carpenters. I hope you will all join in! There are a lot of parallels between The Partridge Family and the Carpenters and it should be a really interesting discussion. We will also be talking about David Cassidy's new EP Christmas release!

If some of you may recall, WUSB hosted an evening of the Partridge Family in support of our Kickstarter campaign in May 2015. Thanks, Roger, for having us back!