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The bus rolls forward! We have our first preview/review of WHEN WE'RE SINGIN'!


Johnny Ray’s When We’re Singin’—The Partridge Family & Their Music is one of the most thoroughly researched books with quotes from virtually everyone who had anything to do with the television and recording phenomenon. Astonishingly, it even includes a foreword by David Cassidy, which is a coup if you know any of the behind the scenes drama associated with the star’s fight with Sony Music over royalties. And with all of the Partridge “experts” out there (I’ve occasionally fancied myself as one), it took someone with an innocent approach and ridiculous drive to achieve what no one else was able to concerning this much maligned/beloved fictitious musical family. Through interviews, endless photos, and hundreds of pages of knowledge, Johnny Miller’s book reads smoothly yet also serves as a meticulous encyclopedia of The Partridge Family’s released and unreleased recordings and what took place over the “group”’s brief four years of existence. Even if you hate the group, you might find yourself giving their musical story a little slack since this book also comes off like a primer on the music business of the early ’70s.

So before everyone who loved this show is dead, please Sony, can you get the unreleased material on the market? It seems like over the last twenty-five or so years, every burp and hiccup has been released on much more obscure artists than this, so here are a couple of suggestions: Release an original albums box with an approximation of what the last unreleased album was proposed to be plus a final disc of rarities. Or combine their complete output with David Cassidy’s solo albums since you own all of his Bell and RCA material as well as his Romance album. Either approach could make a highly marketable product that could be a terrific last statement on the group and a pretty compelling audio story of Cassidy’s prolific, almost Beatles-level international popularity and early career. Or how about a sacrifice to Zeus? Whatever it takes, just do it and get this over with, okay? Love ya... ;)

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