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Book Updates!

70s Music, David Cassidy, Partridge FamilyJohn MillerComment

Hi All!

I wanted to get a note out to everyone and fill you in on the book's progress as we head into the spring.

As most of you know, we exceeded our Kickstarter goal by 15%, and we promised that we would expand on the photo section with the extra money. So in the fall, we began work on the photo layout, which went from 48 pages to 64--all color. There was a lot of interest from fans to include the most comprehensive photo section of Partridge Family memorabilia that we could find, so we literally contacted people from all over the world in search of rare items. The end result is a photo section that will have more images of the rarest of collectibles than anyone has ever seen--many of which have never appeared in print. But this has taken a lot of extra time. Not only did we have to locate the memorabilia, but we had to get multiple photographs of everything so we could have the best possible photos to work with. All in all, there are over 400 individual images that will make up the entire photo section!

As of this week, we are nearing the end of the work on the photo section, and the rest of it will be editing. The book is about halfway through editing at this point. I am hoping that in the coming few weeks I will be able to announce an exact release date. 

Thanks, everyone, for your understanding and patience. Rest assured that you have some very talented professionals who are in charge of the editing and the layout, and they are both working daily to get the book out to you as fast as possible.

As the weeks go forward,  you will be getting updates from me more frequently as we approach our "go to print" date. Once the book goes to print, it will be approximately six week after that when we have them in hand to mail out to you. 

I thank you again for your patience and your support, and I'll be back with you very soon!