When We're Singin'


1970s, 70s Music, Cassidy Concerts, David Cassidy, Partridge FamilyJohn MillerComment

Hi everyone!!

The 64-page color photo section is done and will be going to the print sometime next week! (The photo section goes to print separately from the text section, which will be ready in a few more weeks!)

In the meantime, I have sent out a survey form to all of my individual backers. This feature is only offered as a one-time feature through Kickstarter. It allows me to get your shipping address and your name, as  you would like it to appear in print and on the website. I have saved the survey until now, knowing I can only do it once, because I wanted to send it out as close to the print date as possible. You should be getting it about the same time you receive this update!

Once the text section is sent to print I can announce an exact release date, which will be approximately five weeks following the printing process because the book is being printed in the U.S.A., (as opposed to 4 months delivery time if it were printed in China or anywhere overseas). 

I know it has been a long wait for all of you, but I hope the added work on the book will prove worth the wait! I appreciate each and every one of you and all the support you have given me through this past year. Not just for the backing, but for all the kind emails and words of enthusiasm that you have sent as well!

More big news coming soon! Time to get back on the bus! :)

Johnny Ray Miller