When We're Singin'

Countdown begins at.....TEN!

1970s, David Cassidy, Partridge FamilyJohn Miller1 Comment

Number 10!

We are going to layout!

This week, the text is sent to the graphic designer's for initial layout! During this stage the graphic artist will work closely with our editor, and myself, as well as our photographers who keep an eye on photos, colors, that sort of thing.

Over the past week we have had several meetings as a team. Some of you have asked where the book is being printed. I am proud to say the book is being printed in the U.S.A.!  

Signature Book Printing Inc. in Maryland will be printing our books once we complete the layout process. Signature Book Printing is highly reputable in their work, producing high quality and quantities of their books. In addition to standard books and paperbacks, they also do high end coffee table books, so they are a great choice for us, given the 64 page color section.

We will be back with you next week to continue counting down!

Let the bus ride continue!