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The Final Countdown!

1970s, David Cassidy, Kickstarter, Partridge Family Music, Partridge Family TV ShowJohn MillerComment

Hi gang!

I'm ready to begin the final countdown with all of you, as we are now getting very close to the actual release date!

David Cassidy concert promo 2.jpg

Some updates for you:

While the photo section has been done, the actual layout of the book, the design, was done in early June. BUT...

...we ended up about 50 pages over budget. So I have spent countless hours with our amazing editor, Donna Spencer, determining what we can do to bring the page count down a bit. After long discussions, rather than sacrificing pertinent information contained in the extra pages (which would have needed to be cut in order to fit), our designer is going to reformat the book, and lay it out all over again for the second time. I suspect this process will take about a week. Donna will be working on final edits this coming week before it goes to the designer.

I'm going to begin sharing with you, a countdown to release, because I think it will be fun to share the excitement of the book's arrival, together. I know it has been six months longer than originally anticipated, but rest assured that the reasons lay in the careful focus on detail and content.

I will be back with you at least weekly from now until release, if not more frequently.

On another note, all backers have all been listed on the website as funders of this project, and I sent out a survey over a month ago through the Kickstarter update program asking for any corrections to your names, spellings, things like that. There are still several people who haven't responded, so if you are a backer, would you please go to the backer list on this site and take a look at your names and make sure it is listed to your satisfactory. Any further edits have to be submitted by Tuesday of this week if we are going to make them. You can email me at JohnnyRayMiller1@gmail.com.

Thanks again for your patience. I'll be back very shortly with a countdown of events!