When We're Singin'

Proof for Text Body is in!

70s Music, David Cassidy, Partridge Family, Wrecking CrewJohn MillerComment

Hi gang!

Wanted to let you all know that Kristina has finished the first proof for layout of the book body. I received the proof and I have already gone through it and passed it on to Donna. (copy editor). Once Donna is finished, it will then return back to Kristina. She will make all edits/corrections and then provide us with a second proof to look over. If all goes well, at that point, it goes to print. For fun, check out the picture of Kristina working on the book at her office! 

I will be back with all of you as I share the step by step process of these final stages! By the way, happy anniversary, all of you! (Did you know yesterday was the debut of The Partridge Family, 46 years ago?) Yep...we're THAT old!