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Proof for Text Body is in!

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Hi gang!

Wanted to let you all know that Kristina has finished the first proof for layout of the book body. I received the proof and I have already gone through it and passed it on to Donna. (copy editor). Once Donna is finished, it will then return back to Kristina. She will make all edits/corrections and then provide us with a second proof to look over. If all goes well, at that point, it goes to print. For fun, check out the picture of Kristina working on the book at her office! 

I will be back with all of you as I share the step by step process of these final stages! By the way, happy anniversary, all of you! (Did you know yesterday was the debut of The Partridge Family, 46 years ago?) Yep...we're THAT old!


The Final Countdown!

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Hi gang!

I'm ready to begin the final countdown with all of you, as we are now getting very close to the actual release date!

David Cassidy concert promo 2.jpg

Some updates for you:

While the photo section has been done, the actual layout of the book, the design, was done in early June. BUT...

...we ended up about 50 pages over budget. So I have spent countless hours with our amazing editor, Donna Spencer, determining what we can do to bring the page count down a bit. After long discussions, rather than sacrificing pertinent information contained in the extra pages (which would have needed to be cut in order to fit), our designer is going to reformat the book, and lay it out all over again for the second time. I suspect this process will take about a week. Donna will be working on final edits this coming week before it goes to the designer.

I'm going to begin sharing with you, a countdown to release, because I think it will be fun to share the excitement of the book's arrival, together. I know it has been six months longer than originally anticipated, but rest assured that the reasons lay in the careful focus on detail and content.

I will be back with you at least weekly from now until release, if not more frequently.

On another note, all backers have all been listed on the website as funders of this project, and I sent out a survey over a month ago through the Kickstarter update program asking for any corrections to your names, spellings, things like that. There are still several people who haven't responded, so if you are a backer, would you please go to the backer list on this site and take a look at your names and make sure it is listed to your satisfactory. Any further edits have to be submitted by Tuesday of this week if we are going to make them. You can email me at JohnnyRayMiller1@gmail.com.

Thanks again for your patience. I'll be back very shortly with a countdown of events!


A Tribute, by Brian Forster

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After the sudden and shocking passing of Suzanne Crough, TV brother Brian Forster, agreed to write a very special dedication to her as an exclusive piece for "When We’re Singin.’" The tribute will be included in the book, and it is one of the most heartfelt passages you will ever read from anyone who was ever involved with The Partridge Family.

Suzanne and Brian were very good friends from the time of their youth to the day she passed away. They played together on the set as children, and they attended countless Partridge Family events and reunions as adults through the years. Thanks, Brian, for your generous and heartfelt contribution to "When We’re Singin.’"

A Long, Overdue THANK YOU to Jason Snyder!

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A giant, heartfelt, and long overdue thank you to my buddy Jason Snyder, who has been on board with this book from the very beginning.

Jason is the guy with the bionic ear, who has helped me interpret countless pieces of audio transcript when my ears could not distinguish exactly what was said. Jason and those amazing ears cleared up dozens of details that otherwise would have been lost in transcript. In addition, he was able to help isolate various lyrics in the songs that have been written incorrectly on most lyric sites, and even liner notes from as far back as the ‘70s. 

Jason especially worked countless hours on the transcription of material making this one of the smoothest processes of all the various stages in putting together this book. I can’t tell you all how grateful I am to have this man on the team, and for all the crazy amount of time and work he has put into making this happen.

Thank you so very much, Jason! I couldn’t have done it without you!

"When We're Singin'" Available for Pre-Order NOW!

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Hey gang!  It's official! "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and their Music" is now available for pre-order ONLY through this site!

The cost of the book is $29.99 and you can pre-order it by going to the new link on the site, PRE-ORDER THE BOOK.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! We will have more news and updates on the book's progress in the coming weeks! Watch for regular blog postings as we go forward. If you haven't already done so, please sign up for the daily BLOG and you will receive the blogs directly to your  email!

The Partridge Family and their famous Mondrian-inspired bus!

The Partridge Family and their famous Mondrian-inspired bus!

More to come as it unfolds....

"I'm On My Way Back Home" original demo!

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Offered here as an exclusive Memorial Day special, is the original demo for "I'm on My Way Back Home," courtesy of the Jack Keller archives! The offer also comes with a signed Bobby Hart Lyric Commemorative! An incredibly rare and exclusive offer, and there are only 5 available! 

Jack Keller and Bobby Hart teamed up only one time for "The Partridge Family," and this was their offering. "I'm On My Way Back Home" is a fan-favorite and a favorite among insiders who worked on the song and the outstanding 3rd Partridge Family album, "Sound Magazine," on which this appeared!

"I'm On My Way Back Home" song lyric commemorative signed by songwriter Bobby Hart!

"I'm On My Way Back Home" song lyric commemorative signed by songwriter Bobby Hart!

In the the new book you will get a lengthy story behind "I'm On My Way Back Home," and here, only until midnight on May 31, you can be the recipient of the original demo submitted to Screen Gems by the late, great songwriter Jack Keller and Monkees pioneer Bobby Hart! It is a pledge package for you, from both the songwriters!

Keller was at the top of his game as a songwriter. He wrote music for many movies, and became synonymous in the '60s in writing music especially for television. 

This is a $250 offer with only 5 available!! This rare demo will NOT be found anywhere else. It is offered to us from the family of Jack Keller strictly to benefit this campaign. But hurry, because the offer expires Midnight, May 25, 2015.

New backers can open a general pledge at $250 and join in on the excitement, while current backers can simply increase their existing pledge category by $250. 

Remember...every pledge moves us that much closer to winning the campaign for publication of "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music!" Hop on the bus now! 

"Stephanie" & "All of The Things" Special Story, Special Bundles!

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Songwriter David Price was involved in writing both "Stephanie" and "All of The Things" recorded by The Partridge Family. The stories behind these two particular Partridge Family songs are priceless, but the very special, poignant story behind David Price and what he did for our campaign is even more heart-warming.

While I was preparing for the campaign to publish "When We're Singin," I asked several of the songwriters  to contribute signed items to our rewards packages. I thought it would be exciting to include a few items that highlighted some of the un-released songs, since many of them are fan favorites, so I approached David Price. I asked him if he would consider hand-writing the lyrics for each of his two songs to be offered as exclusive, one-of-a-kind rewards items. 

He told me that he was suffering from Parkinson's disease, and that his hands shake a lot. Before he could say another word, I expressed my heartfelt apologies for having asked him to do this, as I obviously didn't know of his condition.

He immediately jumped back in to the conversation to complete his original thought. He told me that he really wanted to do this. He wanted to hand-write those lyrics. He asked me if I was in a hurry because it would take him some time. He was insistent. Not only did he want to hand-write the lyrics, but he wanted to sign the lyric commemoratives, too. He was so flattered to learn that after all these years, fans still really love this music.

So a few months went by, and the hand-written lyrics came in the mail. I couldn't have been more touched. I initially put the lyrics up at $250.00 each but listed the commemoratives separately. I am combining them into two very special packages. The "Stephanie" bundle now includes the one and only hand-written lyric by David Price AND a "Stephanie" lyric commemorative, also signed by Price. You will also get a signed copy of the book, with a souvenir bookmark to go with it and your name published on the website and in the book as a backer of the campaign. "All of The Things" is also repackaged the same way.   There is only ONE of each, and are true collector's items. Each Bundle is $250 ($220 without the book.) 

Thanks David, for your great heart in supporting "When We're Singin'!" We are forever grateful. http://kck.st/1DSL7zP

'HOP ON THE BUS' for a 10-Day Partridge Family Bus Ride!

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We have ten days left, gang, to reach our funding goal and publish the new book, "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music." And it is up to YOU to make it happen!

If you have been waiting for the perfect time to get on the bus, that time is NOW! Don't wait one more second! It is you, the fans, who will make this happen.

In the past 20 days we have welcomed backers from all walks of life.  We have life-long fans, casual fans, fan club presidents, doctors, lawyers, nurses, journalists, musicians, teachers, and even college professors! We have fans backing us from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Australia, the U.K., New Zealand and more! 

We have businesses who have backed us and reputable music industry professionals, too! Denny Tedesco, filmmaker of the Award-Winning "Wrecking Crew" documentary has said "YES!" Beverly Weinstein, former V.P. at Bell Records has said "YES!" The prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum, Library and Archives has said "YES!" That means they have pledged to this campaign! It is now your turn to speak. 

In the past few months, hundreds of David Cassidy fans (including myself) have signed a petition to get David recognized by The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. And now,  the HOF has said 'YES" to the publication of "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music." How are YOU going to respond? They have told me specifically that they want this book on their shelves in The HOF Museum, Library and Archives.  Now we must answer back! Let's give them the biggest, resounding, David Cassidy-ear-splitting "YES!"

As Partridge Family fans, we have all wanted a book like this for many, many years. Now it is finally possible. Click the link below and get on the bus! That door is open!  If all you want it is to pre-order the book, simply choose the $30 reward package. There is a host of rewards items, too, that you can pick from! We can even custom build a package for you if  you find certain things of interest packaged in multiple rewards categories. Just ask!  But don't wait one more second!  We must bring in enough pre-sales through this campaign to meet the funding goal for publication. 

Let's have that 45th anniversary Partridge Family celebration right on top of that dear old bus! All of us.... together......havin' a ball........"YES?" LET'S DO IT!!

Hop on  HERE.

Let the Countdown begin: "TEN!"



You Keep Saying You Want More Photos!....so......OK!

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David Cassidy in an exclusive Henry Diltz photo, supporting the fight against pollution during the early '70s! 

David Cassidy in an exclusive Henry Diltz photo, supporting the fight against pollution during the early '70s! 

Offered up again this evening is a 3rd 8 X 10 photo of David Cassidy from the Henry Diltz archives, that  Henry has so graciously given to the campaign exclusively with intent to support the publication of "When We're Singin' - The Partridge Family and Their Music!"

This photo of David Cassidy was shot by Henry Diltz as part of a campaign in Australia to fight pollution, a cause that was taken very seriously during the early '70s. Once again, this offer is ONLY available here for the next 24 hours, exclusive through our campaign! 

These great Henry Diltz photos are valued at $50 and up, but we are able to offer it to you, thanks to Henry, at only $35 for new backers and $30 for current backers! And here's the continued great news: SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM IS FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! 

Just open a pledge at $35 or more, or choose an existing pledge category and add an additional $35!  Current backers can add this photo to their existing pledge for only $30 more! The offer expires Monday, May 18, 2015 (EST) at the stroke of midnight! This is pretty fun, huh? :)

Click here to get this photo: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1479433328/when-were-singin-the-partridge-family-and-their-mu

Come On Get Happy!


24-Hour exclusive Photo offer from Henry Diltz!

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Available ONLY in the next 24 hours, get this gorgeous 8 X 10 photo of David Cassidy  taken by Henry Diltz for the "Cherish" album! 

Henry Diltz is a big supporter of our campaign to publish "When We're Singin'," so he has offered up this quintessential David Cassidy photo to support the cause! For ONLY the next 24 hours, this photo is available at the incredibly low cost of $35 WITH FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!  If the photo is all you want, just pledge $35 or more before Midnight tomorrow night as a cash-only pledge! If you would like to choose an existing pledge category of $30 or more, simply add another $35 and this photo is automatically included! Current backers are also offered the photo at a discounted rate of an additional $30 added to their current pledge!

Henry Diltz photos go for MUCH MORE than this when purchased from his studio! He is offering this opportunity ONLY to fans who support the campaign for the publication of  "When We're Singin'!"

Remember--the offer expires tomorrow night at the stroke of midnight, ending May 16, 2015! Click the KICKSTARTER link provided here on this website to take you directly to the page!